About Us

Growthgate Capital Corporation B.S.C. ("Growthgate”) is a private investment firm established in late 2007, as a closed joint stock company in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Growthgate is engaged in direct equity investments with a focus on the middle market segment. Growthgate principally invests in well-managed, profitable mid-sized companies that exhibit strong growth and expansion prospect in the GCC markets and other select countries of the MENA region. 

Growthgate was initially formed by a team of seasoned corporate financiers and dealmakers whose extensive experience and track record include landmark transactions in the MENA region in a variety of sectors ranging from telecom to oil & gas, and from building materials to minerals & mining. This team of managers, which remains at the helm of Growthgate, was soon joined by a group of founding shareholders comprised of State-owned banks, public pension funds, investment companies, and single-family offices. The founding shareholders provided the equity base of Growthgate in the form of $200m in permanent capital thus, availing the company with sufficient funding to launch its private equity investment activities in early 2008.

Growthgate has since 2008 invested in 8 platform companies and, in turn, conducted over 24 bolt-on acquisitions on behalf of such companies. Growthgate’s portfolio companies operate in diverse sectors including: logistics & transport, waste management, distribution of building materials, business jet engineering & management, steel fabrication, biometrics, food processing & catering services, computer animation & themed entertainment, and modern retailing. Said portfolio companies have business activities and subsidiaries that operate in the Middle East, Africa, as well as, in Europe and the US. 

Growthgate has since 2014, completed 4 exits by selling some of its portfolio companies in full or in part including via listings on the London Stock Exchange, cross-border M&A and private placements. 

Growthgate’s competitive edge resides in the transactional expertise and strategic insight of its management team, and the extensive market knowledge and active support of its founding shareholders and Board of Directors.